Established 1983

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Professional and reliable preventative maintenance

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South Yorkshire

Regular maintenance contracts for your cooling equipment

Need a regular maintenance contract for your air conditioning or refrigeration system? Contact us today on

01623 623069

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At R M Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, our experts can help you with a regular maintenance contract for your small or a large scale premises.





By having your refrigeration and air conditioning equipment regularly maintained you will receive the following benefits:


•Systems performing correctly

•Operating as efficiently as possible saving you money on high electricity bills

• Highlighting any faults and rectifying them as quickly as possible

•Check for refrigerant leaks in compliance with current F-Gas regulations

•Regular maintenance drastically reduces the risk of costly breakdowns and downtime which may lead to food stock being thrown away or other systems being damaged.


If you need a regular maintenance contract for your air conditioning or refrigeration equipment give us a call or send an email and we will be happy to help.


Whatever your cooling equipment, count on our professionals to help you maintain it. We'll make sure all the parts are running optimally, thereby saving you on large electricity bills!